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  Join us for the 2020 NCSLA Virtual Fall Conference!
When:    October 20-30, 2020
Where:  Online
How:       To register, click on the "Events" drop-down 

(select Fall Conf - 'Vendors' or 'Facilities')

10 Advantages to Attending a Virtual Conference:

1. Access to far more content than ever before, plus the opportunity to see and hear concurrent education programs.
2. Conveniently learn and engage with fellow attendees, speakers, sponsors, and vendors from anywhere with Internet access and from any mobile device.
3. Zero risk to your health!  Virtual events provide a safer way to learn without sacrificing an interactive and informative experience.
4. No travel expenses!
5. You can learn the latest updates and insights all while maintaining  a presence at home and at work.
6.  Save on expenses for boarding your pets or bringing along the family - you can start saving for next year!
7. While we all love going from session to session, and to the events and dinners, it can be quite tiring!  Going virtual means no walking or achy feet at the end of the day.
8. Ever experience that swing from hot to cold all day long during a conference?  You can stay comfortable by adjusting your temperature how you like it while participating in the NCSLA Virtual Conference!
9. If you are joining from home, you get to wear what you want!  Yoga pants are much more comfortable than a suit!
10.  You can help support the Association!  By registering online, you are helping offset our lost revenue due to cancelled events.  We appreciate your support!

*Thank you to the Association of Home & Hospice Care of North Carolina (AHHC) for sharing these advantages of virtual conferences!

***Administrator Certification Renewal Update***

As many of you know, notices for administrator certification renewals and proof of continuing education have been issued, with an October 1st due date.  Among the many other COVID 19 challenges has been continuing education opportunities and obtaining the continuing education requirements for administrator renewal. 

We had hoped that allowances would have been taken into consideration for administrators and the Association requested a relaxation in these requirements during this pandemic. DHSR has indicated that they have not received authority to extend the expiration deadline of administrators beyond 12/31/2020. However,  we have received an extension for renewal application submissions from the October 1 deadline to November 15th.

A special thank you to the following 2020 Virtual Conference Sponsors:

                                                                                                                                        PLATFORM SPONSORS



Established in 1961, North Carolina Senior Living Association, (formerly NCALTCF), is the oldest assisted living association in the state with a membership of adult and family care homes that are licensed assisted living facilities in NC.  The organization has been providing advocacy, education and supportive experience to the assisted living industry for over 50 years.  We are a 501(c)6 business association and the Educational Foundation is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization.  Our members provide passionate care to the most vulnerable citizens in NC and take pride in belonging to an organization that works on their behalf to protect the assisted living industry to ensure their businesses and livelihoods are represented through one strong voice. 


NCSLA will continue its strong tradition of advocacy as our leadership works tirelessly to respond and act on legislation, regulations, and/or policies impacting our providers and residents.  As we look to the future, we remain unwavering in our efforts to affect change within this industry.  Education is a focal point and advocacy will continue to be a powerful tool, as we work to ensure our voices and perspectives are heard.  NCSLA is constantly seeking new ideas on how the association can best serve our member needs and we need your help!


With a focus on regulatory guidelines and issues, quality continuing education unit (CEU) programs are offered throughout the year at a substantially reduced cost for members. CEUs can be obtained through numerous statewide training sessions, Spring Conference & Golf Tournament and the Fall Convention & Trade Show.  Members have access to current news updates on pending legislative initiatives, trends, industry contacts and professional development opportunities through the association website, member directory and newsletters.


NCSLA has a membership of over 300 adult care home (ACH) and family care home (FCH) facilities from the mountains to the coast.  Passionate individuals and generations of families have cared for the most vulnerable of North Carolina's citizens and molded the voice of our association.  Our membership brings a tremendous amount of knowledge to the assisted living industry from the leaders of our board of directors, staff, lobbyist and legal counsel, who have more than 100 years of combined industry experience.

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Upcoming Events