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NCSLA  2024
 Administrator in Training (AIT)

NCSLA is proud to be a provider of the Administrator Certification program, approved by the North Carolina Division of Health Service Regulation. The 120-hour program includes 16 hours of classroom instruction, 4-6 hours of independent study and a minimum of 100 hours working with an approved AIT preceptor at a licensed facility. The NCSLA program is designed to give the serious candidate an overall knowledge of the assisted living industry and a unique, practical understanding of what it takes to be a successful administrator. An added quality of our program is a review of Medicaid operational procedures and systems to assist new Administrators working in communities that provide care to residents approved for Medicaid benefits.

Testimonials from AIT Class Attendees

"I liked that all of the presenters were very open and honest, able to share their experiences and give honest feedback/answers to our questions."
"What I like most about the training was the knowledge of the instructor and the amount of care and interaction they put in with us students."
"Learning about the STAR rating system."

"All of the information I gathered."
"I loved all the content and speakers."

Registration is available for upcoming NCSLA AIT trainings.   
Please refer to the AIT calendar link below for all available dates.

2024 AIT Training Calendar

For more information: contact Stacy Massey,  Director of Education

We look forward to assisting students as they pursue continued career growth! 

All AIT training classes are held at: 
NC Senior Living Association
4010 Barrett Drive, Ste. 102, Raleigh, NC 27609
(Personal laptops are required for the training. Lunch is provided on site each day.)

AIT Registration Form

NC DHSR ACLS Administrator Requirements




With the recent surge in demand for online learning across the state, NCSLA is excited to be at the forefront of an affordable AIT online program available to anyone pursuing a career in the assisted living industry.  Students will utilize multiple modalities of on-line forums, reading assignments, quizzes and videos.  The format allows for students to work at their own pace and space to complete the classroom requirements of the AIT certification process. 

The 100-hour preceptorship in an approved ACH or FCH facility is the same as the in-person trainings. All other Division of Health Service Regulation AIT certification requirements, including a completed background check, application, college transcript and state exam must be submitted. Scheduled calls between the NCSLA Director of Education, the AIT preceptor, and the AIT student are also required for administrator certification.

The following AL professionals and NCSLA members have loaned their expertise to serve as instructors and subject matter experts:

  • Catie Armstrong, BHS-G, CDP Care Coordinator, Ahoskie Assisted Living
  • Luisa Marx, Marketing Project Coordinator, Southern Pharmacy Services - A Guardian Pharmacy
  • Tara Greene, Operations Manager, Restorative Medical
  • Jeff Horton, NCSLA Executive Director    
  • Stacy Massey, NCSLA Director of Education            
  • Richard Rutherford, Consultant LTSS Consulting, Inc.
  • Marybeth Terry, PharmD, President, Southern Pharmacy Services
  • Ed Weeks, Executive Director, Blakey Hall Assisted Living 

Visit the UNCG website below for course information and registration:

Link to UNCG AIT Online

To learn more, click HERE:  Printable NCSLA/UNCG Online AIT Flyer